Mexican Holidays

Navidad, Dia de Los Muertos, Dia de Independencia, San Valentino, Compleaños

Mexican holidays are celebrated with immense scale and intense enthusiasm, whether it’s the uniquely Mexican Day-of-the-Dead, or more universal holidays such as Christmas or someone's birthday, or Saint Valentine's Day.

Festive things that characterize a Mexican celebration include...

papel picado

Papel picado

Wonderful colored paper cut-outs which are strung up, often across the street. These used to be hand-made (extremely fine and difficult work) but these days papel picado is mostly machine-made.

mexican holidays, pinata


These have caught on in a huge way in the West in recent years. They're decorated containers full of edible goodies and/or toys which fall out after giving the piñata a good few whacks with a stick. It can seem quite a violent game, especially when hitting animal-shaped piñatas, but it's just harmless fun.

mexican festivals, guitarron

Festive Songs

Mexicans have a song for everything. I especially love the heart-warming birthday song ''Las mañanitas'. I prefer it much more than our English one. La Rama festival in Veracruz has a catchy little song specific to that region.

mexican holidays, rosca de reyes

Festive Food

Entirely unique food items are made for specific holidays, such as sugar skulls for Dia de Los Muertos and for 3 Kings Day a fruit-encrusted bread ring.


Larger than life paper mache figures feature during Day of the Dead and in nativity scenes during Christmas.

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