Mexican Cooking

Tex-Mex is out, authentic Mexican cooking is in. I'm not saying that Tex-Mex is bad, it isn't. But it also isn't what is eaten in Mexico. Here we'll show you some of the food popular in Mexico and how to cook it. This will include some more basic preparations such as salsas to more complex dishes like tamales, and moles.

Eventually we hope to provide the whole enchilada of authentic Mexican food.

The 7 sins of Tex-Mex

sour cream

yellow cheese (only for quesadillas)


wheat flour

hard taco shells

not enough chile


mexican cooking, mexican ingrediants

The 7 angels of authentic Mexican

white cheese (queso de ebra is my favourite, feta if you have no Mexican options)

maize flour (masa de maiz)

epasote (a wonder-herb)

soft tacos (or deep-fried soft maize tacos with a tooth-pick to hold it closed)

limes (limones)

more chile (yes I'm sure)

more salt (we hold no responsibility for your increase in blood pressure sorry)

salsa verde

Salsa Verde - in as little as 10 minutes you can make this tasty salsa that uses the rich flavor of tomatillos


Empanadas are very popular in and outside Mexico, and with very good reason. Click through to a recipe for mushroom and cheese filled empanadas (our favorite).

mexican cooking, garnachas

mexican cooking, tostadas

Don't forget the drinks!

Let's begin with two drinks that date back to pre-Columbian times in Mexico..

Tequila - from the gods to the priests, to international success

Aztec Chocolate - Xocoatl in the Aztec language Nahuatl.

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