La serenata ~ The serenade

The musical gift of love

Which term to use?

The English term
serenade was coined from the French

The French term

The Original term
serenata dates back to 1600's Italy. Describes a movement of music designed to be played outdoors.

The Mexican term
serenata (sometimes spelt seranata, as it is pronounced). This tradition is alive & well in Mexico. Music is played with live instruments outside the house of a female late at night as a gesture of love.

Mexican Seranata

What gift would you choose for these occasions?

  • Your Mother’s Birthday?
  • A wedding anniversary
  • After a fight with your girlfriend
  • Your sister’s Birthday
  • Valentine’s day (San Valentino)
  • Many in Western countries give flowers on these occasions. But in Mexico, they give music.

    The gift of music is called a seranata, a string of 5 or 6 love songs played by a band of musicians. Traditionally the woman being sung to should:

  • Wait out the first 2 songs
  • Come to the window on the 3rd
  • Coquettishly peek out the window
  • Come outside on the 5th
  • Did you know this? I didn’t, and for my first serenata I was out into the garden courtyard by the second song! The musicians thought it was hilarious. So my advice to you should you be blessed by a serenata during a stay in Mexico, is to follow the etiquette above. It’s a beautiful tradition and a lot of fun.

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