From Mexico, with love…

I am not Mexican by birth and neither do I live there. My home country is Pakistan and I have lived here all my life. However, due to my father’s job in the airlines, I was lucky enough to travel all over the world. My schooling, primary and higher education was all in the UK and after I moved out, I drifted from the Untied States to Canada and then back.

As per policy, our family’s tickets were free and thus, I never wasted any holiday staying home. I always wandered off to a new and exotic location!
Mexico is my all time favorite destination because of its culture and people. I love Mexican food and am now a true expert in making all Mexican dishes. My friends are always requesting me to cook for them and I invite everyone over for a ‘Mexican night’ every month!

The other thing I love about Mexico is its colors and clothes. The vibrancy and zest that you can see in their people and dresses is rarely seen elsewhere. The flairs and the frills, the lovely tanned complexions, the beautiful brown eyes, the swinging movements, the love for dancing and singing and the spirit of life can all be seen in a true Mexican culture.

I have visited many places but, their culture stands out in a crowd. You could recognize a Mexican from miles and could not mistake him for another.
Many Mexicans have made it big and Salma Hayek is my personal favorite! I love the way she looks and am a fan of her acting.

Their distinct dialect and pronunciation is probably one of their vivid identification marks. They have strived to be part of the new civilization and their efforts have paid off, but the great part is that in doing so, they have not forgotten their own roots or history and are proud of their identity.

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